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This article will tell about “Tanzania’s social, environment and economic status and the people of the Swahili Coast, in particular Marine and Coastal Environment Management Project (MACEMP)” which has been in used in the Indian Ocean for several months.   A coincidence is a coincidence. But, some coincidences, to borrow a word from geometry, are…(Read More)

Used Boats are usually much cheaper than new boats, either because its the recession and people are getting rid of their expensive boy’s toys in return for liquid cash or because they want to turn the boat into scrap metal, because they never used it and it is falling apart. Of course it isn…(Read More)

My advice for anybody who needs to download small boat building plans is to pay attention to what i’m about to show you. This review won’t be able to list everything i just found out about this topic, but i will definitely supply you with what you were looking for. You’ll be…(Read More)

In a few minutes i’ll help you to download traditional wooden boat plans and learn all the latest news that you really must be aware of. Having spent many hours gathering information on this subject, i identified several interesting facts that you should take into consideration. In two minutes or so, you’ll find…(Read More)

An anchor is a device that is designed to resist the force created by the movement of the vessel to which it is attached through sheer mass or by hooking itself into the seabed. For vessels that are docked permanently, large mass anchors are often used while temporary ones – those that have metal flukes…(Read More)

Everyone wish their vacations to be relaxing and stress-free. To realize such a dream, make a plan beforehand for a great cruise. All you need to do is following these tips.   Talk to others who have cruised, or a travel agent. They can usually steer you toward the best cruise lines, tell you the…(Read More)

Excellence in Caribbean Cruising with Holland America One of the cruise ships sailing the Caribbean seas is the Holland America where excellent experience tops everything else. Explore the many islands surrounding the Caribbean even the destinations off the beaten track with the different cruise itineraries available such as the Eastern Caribbean Cruise, Western Caribbean Cruise…(Read More)