Bundaberg Sailing Club 2023 Regatta


Notice of Race

Bundaberg Sailing Club Regatta

8th and 9th July 2023


1. Rules will be governed by the current Racing Rules of Sailing, the prescriptions and regulations of Yachting Australia
and Class measurement requirements of specific classes.


2. Entry is open to all OTB mono and Multihull sailing craft and Trailer Sailer/Yachts.


3. Fleets will be:
Div. 1 - OTB catamarans
Div. 2 - OTB monohulls
Div. 3 – Weta Tri hull
Div. 4 - Trailer Sailers and Yachts
Div. 5 - Juniors


Other fleets will be considered if sufficient entries are received.
Race committee reserves the right to change divisions, minimum of five boats to form a division.


4. Regatta fees will be:
Seniors - $ 70.00 per boat
Juniors - $ 40.00 per boat.


5. Nominations will be accepted by online entry only.- CLICK HERE

6. Registration from 0900 hours Saturday 8th July, 2023 - Briefing 1000 hours
Racing Saturday 8th July, 2023
Sailing session 1 - not before 1100 hours
Racing Sunday 9th July, 2023
Sailing session 2 - not before 1000 hours


7. Sailing instructions at registration and briefing before each days racing.


8. Courses - Courses shall be as per briefing.


9. Scoring:
The low point scoring system will apply, lowest score being the winner.
If 5 or more races are held there shall be one drop.
Race committee reserves the right to apply AS yardsticks to boats in the regatta.


10. Safety Regulations:
A sign-on/sign-off sheet will be provided at the club house. Skippers need to sign-on for the day and sign-off
at the end of the last race of the day. Skippers failing to legibly sign-on prior to the first warning signal, or failing to sign
off within one hour of their last finishing time, may be scored as a DNS or DNF, respectively, without a protest
hearing. A boat which retires from a race shall notify Race Control as soon as possible.


11. Food and Bar:
Saturday: The clubhouse and bar will be open
Saturday Night: The clubhouse and bar will be open after racing. Dinner will be available.
Sunday: Breakfast will be available.
For Saturday dinner and Sunday breakfast please book and pay when booking nominations.


12. Prizes: - will be presented in accordance with the number of competitors in each fleet.


13. Presentation: - post race Sunday at the Bundaberg Sailing Club.


14. Disclaimer of Liability - Competitors participate in the event at their own risk. Rule 4 - Decision to race states
“The responsibility for a boat’s decision to race and continue racing is hers alone”.


15. No responsibility will be accepted by Bundaberg Sailing Club Inc. sponsors, members, volunteers or any other persons connected to the event for material damage or personal injury or death, during, prior to or after this event.


16. Insurance:
Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance, with a minimum cover of $5M.


17. Amenities:
Free camping on site and full use of toilet and shower facilities available at the Clubhouse.


18. Contacts:
For more information please contact Vice Commodore Terry Riley 0421 757 911
or EMAIL BSC at - bscsailbundy@gmail.com


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