Sailing Instructions

These rules apply to all racing conducted by the BUNDABERG SAILING CLUB INC. not covered by individual sailing instructions.


1.      RULES. The current RACING RULES OF SAILING as amended apply to all races save as contained in these Sailing Instructions.


2.      SCORING.  Scoring will be a Low Point System as prescribed in the Racing Rules of Sailing.


3.      COURSES.  As per Sailing Instructions and/or as per briefing.


4.      TIME LIMIT.  Time limit will be 3 hours.  The time limit for series offshore races shall be 5 hours.    Boats finishing more than one (1) hour after the first boat finishes (this may include corrected handicap time) or after the time limit, whichever is the later, may be scored “DID NOT FINISH“. Time limits may be adjusted at the discretion of the PRO.


5.      PROTESTS.  Notice of the protest shall be as prescribed in the current Racing Rules of Sailing.  A fee of $5.00 for juniors and $10.00 for seniors shall accompany each protest. (This fee is refundable should the protest be upheld).

      Appeals to a protest can only be made to the Club and will be heard by a review board (nominated by the sailing committee).  This board may take advice from any source it requires and take as much time so as to find a fair outcome.  This decision is final and no other appeal is allowed.  Any decision will be applied to all affected races.


6.   NOMINATIONS AND SITTERS’ FEES.  Nomination fees (where applicable) shall be paid prior to each race on a per boat basis.

            Adult Sailors                                                 $5.00

           Junior Sailors (i.e. under 18 years)             $3.00

            Maximum fee per race                                $10.00 per boat



(a) either payment of nomination fees or notification to the race starter shall deem a boat a starter.

(b) All boats retiring are required to notify the race starter/finisher of their withdrawal from the race.


8.   CHANGE OF SKIPPER OR CREW.  The replacement skipper/crew must advise a Race Official of the change, one (1) hour prior to the race.

      (This instruction may be waived at the Sailing Committee’s discretion)


9.   RESPONSIBILITY.  The Club will provide certain safety craft.  However, all boats taking part do so at their own risk, as prescribed in the current RACING RULES OF SAILING  FUNDAMENTAL RULES – 4. DECISION TO RACE

      “A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing”. 

      The Club is not responsible for seaworthiness of any boat and reserves the right to refuse entry.


      In the case of abandoned races, sail-offs etc., the event shall be re-sailed on the first available day. If no suitable day can be found the race may not be resailed.

      All participants may qualify for handicap and championships points.

      A minimum of 4 (four) scoring championship races will constitute a series.

      If five (5) or more races are completed in a series each boat may drop one race.

      If eight (8) or more races are completed in a series each boat may drop two races.


11.SAFETY EQUIPMENT.  For Dinghy and Catamaran and classes without jackstays or lifeline system approved buoyancy vests WILL be worn at all times whilst sailing.  Boats and Trailer-Sailers must comply with the current Safety Regulations Category 5.


12. ALTERNATIVE PENALTIES.  Penalties shall apply for infringement of the racing rules as prescribed in the current Racing Rules of Sailing.

      Rule 44.2 is changed so that the 720 turn is replaced with a 360 degree turn for catamarans.


13. ALTERATIONS TO SAILING INSTRUCTIONS.  Code flag L will be displayed and alteration will be posted on the notice board one hour before the race and will apply to all races in the programme.

      Alterations to sailing programme (dates of events) will be posted on the noticeboard four (4) weeks prior to the event.


14. NOTICE BOARD.  The notice board is inside the club main door.

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