Be Kind To Volunteers


Be Kind To Volunteers

The Bundaberg Sailing Club would not be where it is if it weren’t for Volunteers. Volunteers are the hart blood of our club as we don’t have any paid staff so volunteers fill all the rolls. As in most clubs there are only a few who can volunteer at given times due to other personal commitments. Out of them there may only be a few who can actually fill certain rolls such as having the right qualification and certificate for the roll.

So how many members of our club can actually donate their services as a volunteer? There maybe just a few who can so their workload can sometimes overwhelm them. We must keep volunteers happy. Good Communication and support are two main factors. In most cases Volunteers are volunteering because they want to. If there is no communication and support they may not want to volunteer there services and the club may lose some ones service they may find hard to do without.

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