Bundaberg Sailing Club Committee

What We Do

Here's a description of the responsibilities typically associated with each role on the committee of the Bundaberg Sailing Club:

Commodore: The Commodore is the highest-ranking official and the leader of the sailing club. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Providing overall leadership and guidance to the club.
  • Presiding over committee meetings and general club meetings.
  • Representing the club in external matters and fostering positive relationships with other organizations.
  • Setting the strategic direction and goals for the club.
  • Ensuring the smooth operation of club activities and promoting member engagement.

 Vice Commodore: The Vice Commodore supports the Commodore and assumes their duties in their absence. Responsibilities may include:

  • Overseeing and coordinating racing activities, including organizing races, managing race schedules, and ensuring compliance with racing rules and regulations.
  • Assisting the Commodore in their duties and acting as their deputy.
  • Overseeing specific club activities or projects as assigned by the Commodore.
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of club policies and procedures.
  • Representing the club at events or meetings as necessary.

 Rear Commodore: The Rear Commodore typically has responsibility for a specific area or aspect of the club's operations. Their responsibilities may include:

  • Overseeing and coordinating racing activities, including organizing races, managing race schedules, and ensuring compliance with racing rules and regulations.
  • Managing the club's fleet of boats and equipment, including maintenance and repairs.
  • Collaborating with other club members to plan and execute sailing events, regattas, or training programs.
  • Supporting the Commodore and Vice Commodore as needed.

 Secretary: The Secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate records and documentation for the club. Their key responsibilities include:

  • Recording minutes during committee meetings and general club meetings.
  • Managing official correspondence, including sending out notices, announcements, and club communications.
  • Maintaining membership records and assisting with membership-related tasks.
  • Coordinating the distribution of meeting agendas and materials.
  • Managing the club's official documents and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is responsible for managing the club's financial affairs. Key responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining accurate financial records, including income, expenses, and budgets.
  • Collecting membership fees, dues, and other financial obligations from members.
  • Managing the club's bank accounts and conducting financial transactions.
  • Preparing financial reports for the committee and presenting them at meetings.
  • Collaborating with the committee to develop budgets and financial plans.

Committee Members (two positions): The Committee Members serve as general members of the committee and may be assigned specific responsibilities as needed. Their main duties include:

  • Contributing to the decision-making process by providing input and insights.
  • Assisting with club activities, projects, or events as required.
  • Representing the interests and needs of club members.
  • Supporting other committee members in their respective roles.

Please note that specific responsibilities may vary depending on the club's structure, size, and specific requirements at any given time. The descriptions provided above are general guidelines for each position.

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